Sougata Banerjee

Sri Sougata Banerjee comes from a very renowned (Bishnupur Gharana) family of hindustani sangeet. Sougata's grandfather was Param Pujya Sangeetacharya Satya kinkar Bandyopadhyay Hindustani vocal maestro, the doyen of the Bishnupur Gharana. His father Param Pujya Pandit Nihar Ranjan Bandyopadhyay is a renowned hindustani musician.

Sougata is a senior disciple of Param Pujya Guruji Padma Vibhushan Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj ji from Mewati Gharana. In his childhood Sougata was trained under his Param Pujya Grandfather from Bishnupur Gharana Stalwarts like Sangeetacharya Satyakinkar Bandyopadhyay and his father Param Pujya Pt.Nihar Ranjan Bandyopadhyay.

Sougata is a most sought Classical & Ghazal Vocalist Of The Present Era.He is an ardent performer travelling throughout the world. He is a prolific composer & an accomplished vocal trainer – Spreading The Essence Of Indian Classical Music To His Forthcoming Generations.

In 1997, he received the "All India National Scholarship". He was also fortunate to receive Sri Jadu Bhatta Award from the Salt lake Music Circle in 2008.

He was lucky to perform in front of many established masters of Hindustani music at different places both in India and abroad. Among them the worth mentioning were his guru Param Pujya Pt Jasraj Ji. At the end in one such occasion while performing with his illustrious Guruji at Tampa, Pandit Jasraj Ji in appreciation of sougata's musical skill proudly and affectionately bestowed him with the title of "Pandit".

He was fortunate to perform in front of Pt. Ravi Shankar Ji in US, and was delighted to meet him and know about his grandfather who was the doyen of Bishnupur Gharana. And at the end of the concert Pt Ravi Shankarji exclaimed by saying "Aaj Ka Shaam Ban Gaya".